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Burning Glass Technologies is an analytics software company that has cracked the genetic code of an ever-changing job market. Powered by the world’s largest and most sophisticated database of jobs and talent, we deliver real-time data and breakthrough planning tools that inform careers, define academic programs, and shape workforces.

The Burning glass engine

Turns Big Data into Actionable Insight

  • Drawing Conclusions

    Insight from in-demand skills and
    real-life career patterns

  • A Common Language

    Proprietary taxonomy for valid comparisons

  • Tagging and Structuring

    70+ Elements of metadata

  • Capturing Job Market data

    3.4 million active, unique jobs daily

Burning Glass Solutions Big Data Engine

  • Rich
    Data Analytics

  • Planning

  • Predictive

Our Products

  • Labor InsightActionable labor market information
    to understand emerging trends and inform decision making
  • LENS Leading-edge natural language
    solution for parsing resumes and matching relevant talent to jobs
  • Job pulseJob market analytics dashboard to
    manage connections between employers and candidates
  • Program InsightInsight for education executives
    to support strategic planning and program development


View the latest reports from the Burning Glass Applied Research team,
whose in-depth job market analysis is relied on by policymakers, educators, and corporate leaders.
Review our published commissioned research created by Burning Glass’ Applied Research team,
which provides custom, in-depth job market analysis.

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  • Tools like Burning Glass help us tell the story. Everybody, at the highest level, comes to us for that data. It’s so baked into our system now that we don’t even question it. We will always have demand now that we can show what it can do.

    Alan Spell MERIC Research Manager, Missouri Department of Economic Development
    Alan Spell
  • With real-time, labor-time market data, we can conduct a scan of any occupation. We know who is hiring and what competencies and technical skills they need. We are making sure our program choices and curriculum remain current so that our students are trained and ready for jobs employers need to fill.

    Linda L. Head Associate Vice Chancellor, Lone Star College
    Linda L. Head
  • Our goal is to deliver the most valuable outcome for our customer: hiring the right person. Everything we can do to make that outcome less work for the customer is a win.

    Michael Shulman Product Manager, Hireology
    Michael Shulman


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  • Access AI: Time to retrain? Demand for data scientists will increase 28% by 2020 says IBM

    In The News | May 15, 2017

    IBM has formed a research partnership with the goal of closing the data science and analytics skills gap. Partnering with Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) and Burning Glass Technologies, the tech giant has produced a report called The Quant Crunch: How The Demand For Data Science Skills Is Disrupting The Job Market.

  • Market Watch: There is one word you need on your resume today

    In The News | May 15, 2017

    Roughly 211,000 Americans scored new jobs last month as hiring picked up following a shaky spring. And chances are many of those new recruits boasted one particular set of skills... Liberal arts students with additional technical skills qualify for nearly twice as many job openings versus those who didn’t have them, according to data from employment analytics software company Burning Glass Technologies.

  • The Economist: The decline of established American retailing threatens jobs

    In The News | May 13, 2017

    Not every mall or shop is dying. For now, store-occupancy rates are healthy. Nor have consumers stopped shopping. But they are spending money in new ways to the benefit of other businesses, such as restaurants, hotels and e-retailers, in particular Amazon. As a result, a giant established industry is descending into crisis...Trends in job advertisements also offer only fleeting solace. Listings scoured by Burning Glass, a job-analytics firm, initially suggest a positive trend: from 2014 to 2016 the total number of vacancies in traditional retailing dropped, but this was offset by postings for e-commerce, warehousing and tech jobs in retailing.

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