Cracking the genetic code of the job market

Real-time data and planning tools that inform careers, define academic programs, and shape workforces


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Intern Market Slows, But March Madness Intensifies

New Research: The State of American Internships


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Program Insight™: The new, fast tool to make data-driven decisions about academic programs 

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It's easy to find the needle if you can scan the whole haystack

Scanning and analyzing job ads on more than 40,000 sites daily for real-time insight into who's hiring, what they're looking for, and where the opportunities are.

Using Big Data to make the job market work

We have a 21st Century economy. Why do we have a 20th Century labor market? Burning Glass uses big data to close the skills gap by helping supply and demand meet.

Roadmaps to a career

Our data helps educators and students understand what skills they will need to succeed after graduation, and the right pathway to get to a good career.

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Find talent faster

Employers and recruiters use our products to fill positions faster, and better develop the talent they already have

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New from Burning Glass: Program Insight™

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Our Technology

Higher Education

Colleges and technical schools can use our FOCUS suite and Labor Insight to examine the labor market in real time and align programs with the marketplace, giving students crucial information as they look for jobs.

Workforce Agencies

Our technology powers labor exchanges in 14 states, efficiently connecting workers and employers, while providing pathways and tools that help workers identify careers in demand.


PRISM helps manage the hiring process, while our LENS suite helps recruiters and employers find the talent they need, based on analysis of tens of millions of career transitions.

Job Market Data

Gathering data is one thing, making sense of it is another. Labor Insight helps makes sense of the market, while our Applied Research team provides custom, in-depth analysis for corporate clients, educational institutions, and even the White House.


Easy to use analytics dashboard for recruiters and HR managers, integrated into existing systems
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Labor Insight™

Sophisticated, real-time labor market information to guide informed and reliable organizational decision making
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Leading-edge natural language solution for identifying relevant talent and parsing resumes
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Comprehensive career solution for workforce agencies and educational institutions

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Recruitment workflow solutions to manage the hiring process and identify talent

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Real-time job feeds, delivered in normalized, augmented, machine-readable formats

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From Our Blog

Inside Higher Ed: Data Science Disconnect

A shortage of job candidates with fluency in data science and analytics is among the nation’s most yawning of skills gaps, one requiring substantial changes by higher education institutions and employers alike…An estimated 2.72 million new job postings in 2020 will seek workers with skills in data science and analytics, according to an analysis from Burning Glass Technologies.

Wall Street Journal: I Needed a College Degree for This? Why Companies Are Failing at Hiring

Requirements far exceed the skills that many entry-level jobs demand… Employers rely on college degrees because they often signal applicants possess so-called soft skills, like dedication or resilience—attributes that can be harder for employers to measure than technical skills, said Matt Sigelman, chief executive of Burning Glass Technology, a labor-market analysis firm.

Black Enterprise Magazine: Capital One Hosts Discussion on How to Really Diversify Tech

Capital One took over Austin’s famous blues nightclub Antone’s, and turned it into the Capital One House at SXSW. One session, “Preparing Our Communities for the Future,” gathered business and social impact leaders to discuss diversity in tech. Everyone knows this stubbornly remains an issue, but these leaders were gathered to offer concrete solutions. The session’s panelists included Dan Restuccia, chief analytics officer, Burning Glass Technologies.

CIO Dive: Skills gap clear as lack of software talent has a direct revenue impact

Unfilled software development jobs are resulting in big costs for companies in the U.S. and can have a direct impact on revenue, according to a new analysis of the software jobs market from Trilogy Education and based on data from Burning Glass, a search engine of open job postings in the space.

Fast Company: This College Alternative Only Makes Money If You Make A Salary

As of 2012, there were 34 million Americans with college debt and no degree. Colleges have no incentive to focus on jobs. MissionU, a cross between boot camp-style learning and traditional higher ed, has been designed to correct that dynamic… In the Burning Glass account, contrary to MissionU, getting a B.A. is more important than ever before.

Case Studies: Data in Action

Mortarboard: Lone Star College case study

Lone Star College

Keeping Pace With a Changing Job Market

Interview icon: Hireology


Streamlining the Hiring Process