Program Insight™

A new way to validate academic programs

The best way to build effective learning programs

Developing the right academic programs is more important than ever.  Burning Glass Technologies’ Program Insight provides a tested program development process and the necessary data to ensure those programs are successful.

Fast, Easy-to-Understand Data

Program validation usually requires a major investment of time and a team of people to  do the work.  Burning Glass Program Insight™ walks those teams through a step-by-stop process to determine how well the proposed program competes in the market, teaches skills in demand, and creates meaningful career outcomes upon completion. As a workflow tool, Burning Glass Program Insight™ helps institutions make sense of multiple data sources bringing together our  proprietary real-time job market data with a range of government sources, such as IPEDs, to provide one-stop analysis.

Burning Glass Program Insight presents key information and trends in easy to read dashboards. Learning providers can insert charts and tables into reports, and export data for deeper analysis in an easy and repeatable process. Burning Glass Program Insight provides all the tools needed to make the case with funders, trustees, and accrediting agencies.

Streamline Program Development

The actionable data in Program Insight™ streamlines the development process and makes other forms of validation (like faculty and advisory boards) more effective.

Make a Case

The data provides powerful evidence in justifying programs to funders, accreditors, and trustees.

Review More Frequently

The speed and ease of use means that existing programs can be reviewed and adjusted more frequently to stay on top of the latest skills in demand.


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