Program Insight™

A new way to validate academic programs

The best way to build effective learning programs

Developing the right academic programs is more important than ever.  Burning Glass Technologies’ Program Insight provides a tested program development process and the necessary data to ensure those programs are successful.

Fast, Easy-to-Understand Data

Program validation usually requires a major investment of time and a team of people to  do the work.  Burning Glass Program Insight™ walks those teams through a step-by-step process to determine how well the proposed program competes in the market, teaches skills in demand, and creates meaningful career outcomes upon completion. As a workflow tool, Burning Glass Program Insight™ helps institutions make sense of multiple data sources bringing together our  proprietary real-time job market data with a range of government sources, such as IPEDs, to provide one-stop analysis.

Burning Glass Program Insight presents key information and trends in easy to read dashboards. Learning providers can insert charts and tables into reports, and export data for deeper analysis in an easy and repeatable process. Burning Glass Program Insight provides all the tools needed to make the case with funders, trustees, and accrediting agencies.

Streamline Program Development

The actionable data in Program Insight™ streamlines the development process and makes other forms of validation (like faculty and advisory boards) more effective.

Make a Case

The data provides powerful evidence in justifying programs to funders, accreditors, and trustees.

Review More Frequently

The speed and ease of use means that existing programs can be reviewed and adjusted more frequently to stay on top of the latest skills in demand.


Program InsightTM

Executive insight for strategic planning and program development

Understanding the labor market is key to successful academic planning. Make data- driven program decisions quickly, easily, and accurately with Program Insight.

Program Insight, part of Education Insight from Burning Glass Technologies, combines the world’s largest and most sophisticated jobs and talent database with public data sources, using intuitive reporting templates that help validate new programs and assess existing ones. Program Insight helps educational institutions:

  • understand the demand for graduates in the area
  • align program curricula with employer needs
  • ensure new programs meet state and federal funding requirements
  • understand the competition and stand out in a crowded market
  • reassess programs regularly to satisfy emerging needs

Features and Benefits

Understand the Demand for Graduates in the Area

Program Insight reveals high demand jobs in a given region, including education and experience requirements. Program Insight lists the largest and most active employers in the area, informing efforts to bolster partnership and internship opportunities.

Align Programs with Employer Needs 

Program Insight identifies the skills and certification levels that will give students a competitive advantage with local employers. This information helps educational organizations determine how well their proposed programs align with the market and identify any gaps in staff, capital, or technology in building the optimal curricula.

Anticipate Students’ Employment Potential

The Employment Potential dashboard within Program Insight provides income data predicting the earning potential of graduating students as they enter the workforce and after several years’ experience.

Assess the Competitive Landscape 

An understanding of the market’s capacity to support additional enrollments is crucial to implementing a new program. Program Insight uses IPEDS data analysis to help monitor the competition, visualize trends in degree conferrals, and develop differentiation in program strategy.

Reassess and Realign Programs Regularly

Program Insight saves time and money by providing a step-by-step process to compare current program strategy with local market demand. It shows key information and trends in a user-friendly format. Data can be exported to use in reports for leadership, state agencies, and accreditors. Regular reports can be scheduled to ensure continued market alignment.

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