Real-time job feeds, with comprehensive coverage of specific regions
Job postings on tablet: NOVA real-time job feed

NOVA™ Stats

Coded Fields

Websites Scanned

Comprehensive Labor Market Coverage

When you want total coverage of the labor market in a specific region, the NOVA™ job feed can bring all that data to your door. NOVA can deliver the full text of job postings aggregated from close to 40,000 websites, delivered daily or even hourly, and targeted to the places that matter most to your goals. The feed is augmented, normalized, and delivered in a machine-readable format. Our sophisticated deduplication system screens out multiple listings to give you the most accurate picture (fully eight in 10 of all the jobs we collect are screened out by deduplication). And since we normalize the data, NOVA ensures that skills, qualifications, and other features are truly comparable.

Enriched Data

NOVA delivers more than 45 coded fields that offer insights like skill requirements, salary, education required, contact information, and much more.

Accurate Results

NOVA has the best deduplication rate in the industry, providing only the most accurate information.

Multiple Formats

NOVA is available in multiple formats such as XML, JSON, and CSV, all accessed via HTTPS. Customization and integration options are available.

Six Geographies

NOVA covers six major economic regions around the world: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

We have a 21st century economy. Why do we have a 20th century labor market?

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