Real-time job opening data, structured and faceted for easy integration and analysis
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Comprehensive Labor Market Coverage

When you want total coverage of job activity, NOVA™ provides the data needed to power your job board, workforce analytics, or candidate placement solution. NOVA delivers the full text and derived analytics for hundreds of thousands of jobs every day.

Burning Glass uses proprietary methods to deduplicate, analyze, enrich, and facet job data to provide the highest quality and richest jobs dataset available. Our sophisticated deduplication system screens out multiple listings to give you the most accurate picture (fully eight in 10 of all the jobs we collect are screened out by deduplication). And since we normalize the data, NOVA ensures that skills, qualifications, and other features are contextually correct and indexed to our labor market Ontology.

Enriched Data

NOVA delivers up to 61 unique data elements, standardized and coded, for easy normalization and analysis regardless of language used in the original job ad.

NOVA is available in multiple formats such as XML, JSON, and CSV, all accessed via HTTPS. Customization and integration options are available.

Accurate Results

NOVA has the best deduplication rate in the industry, reducing noise and providing only the most accurate information.  NOVA uses proprietary algorithms to extract up to 61 distinct data fields.  These algorithms are updated and adjust with the dynamics of the labor market–ensuring your data stays relevant and structural shifts occur in the labor market.

We have a 21st century economy. Why do we have a 20th century labor market?

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