The world’s most accurate parsing, searching, and matching technology for human capital management
LENS suite: Resume Parsing and Talent Matching

Matches Made Easy

Anyone who has ever done any hiring knows there’s a big difference between filling openings and finding talent. The LENS suite provides the most accurate parsing, searching, and matching technology anywhere for HR staff and recruiters. Our distinctive skills-based approach uses Big Data analysis to sort through applicants and find the ones likely to be the best match.

Companies like Bloomberg and Google use LENS products to manage their prospects and find the best matches based on criteria they select.

With LENS, you can find the staff you need faster, cheaper, and better.

LENS in Action

Find out how Hireology, a major supplier of HR services to medium and small businesses, used LENS to allow their “power user” clients to streamline the hiring process. >>

“Our goal is to deliver the most valuable outcome for our customer: hiring the right person. Everything we can do to make that outcome less work for the customer is a win.” Michael Shulman

Product Manager, Hireology

The LENS Suite

  • LENS Xray® — Resume and CV parsing
  • LENS Optic™ –Talent coding
  • LENS Search & Match™–Talent retrieval & matching

Resume Parsing Simple, Powerful, and Fast

LENS is language-independent and learns from raw documents using its unique natural-language technology. Not only can LENS parse resumes in 14 languages, it can pick up and parse details in than 50 specific geographies (for example, French as used in France, Belgium, Canada, and Switzerland).

APIs for ATS

The LENS API can be easily integrated into your applicant tracking system. You don’t have to change your work flow—you’ll just be able to do it faster.

Not Just Keywords

Keyword searches are fine, if you have the time. With LENS, you can input a job description and the system will match it up with the applicants in the ATS. No more “refining searches” to find what you want.

Fast Matches

With LENS, candidates are coded with a wide range of skills and qualifications, even allowing you to base matches on successful workers already on staff. You can find relevant candidates with no more than one command.

 Easy Setup

LENS can be installed in as little as 20 minutes, depending on the ATS involved and whether it’s hosted by Burning Glass or on your own server. Plus, our support team is standing by 24/7/365 if you have any problems.


The world’s most streamlined and intelligent resume parsing solution

LENS XRay anticipates variations in resumes and uses proprietary technology to more accurately parse millions of resumes, allowing users to seamlessly continue through the talent acquisition process.

LENS XRay is the most accurate, user-friendly parsing solution available, which integrates seamlessly into an existing talent acquisition workflow at a fraction of typical implementation costs. This highly integrated, distinctive, skills-based program uses Big Data analysis to sort through applicants, enabling users to:

  • expedite and improve the quality of automated resume and CV parsing
  • save time by obtaining better and faster knowledge of candidates’ skills
  • accurately and efficiently manage large resume databases
  • receive 24/7/365 support with customized options

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Data Capture
LENS Xray extracts hundreds of highly relevant candidate data points into an accurate segmentation and structure.

High Precision
LENS XRay’s patented artificial-intelligence-tagging technology, designed exclusively for reading and extracting information from resumes, and its proprietary Natural Language Processing features make it the most accurate and reliable resume and CV parser available.

Flexible Language Support
LENS XRay supports 15 foreign languages used in more than 30 countries, and it’s smart enough to accurately standardize the differences between country-specific wording such as American English, United Kingdom English, and Australian English.

Faster Resume Review
By parsing resumes accurately, users can more quickly compare candidate strengths using a standardized format that encourages side-by- side review.

Seamless Workflow Integration
Superior data extraction and quicker, low cost integration options provide the ability to continue in the talent acquisition process with data ready for intelligent search and match modules.

Improve talent acquisition workflow with faster, more accurate resume parsing! LENS XRay dissects millions of resumes a year into 60,000 grouped skills with time-based tagging and an editable skills directory, providing superior technology as an easily embedded API structure  or via SaaS model.


The power boost your search engine needs.

Find resumes faster, more accurately, and with more domain knowledge by enhancing any parsing and search engine with LENS Optic.

The product, part of the LENS Suite, builds on Burning Glass Technologies’ 15 years of experience of parsing, searching, and matching candidate resumes to job openings.  This solution:

  • helps make any recruiter a subject matter expert for any job
  • enhances the ability to find the correct candidate profiles immediately
  • assists the sorting of talent by experience and occupation
  • works with any search engine

Features and Benefits

Improve sourcing efficiency
Search within clusters of structured data instead of disjointed keywords

Standardize job titles
Map resumes into higher end and lower end roles using consistent information

Map disparate candidate job titles
Flag resumes to jobs across a range of roles that share similar skill requirements

Inventory known talent
Create an accurate accounting of the candidates you have available in your database

Lens Optic converts unstructured text into structured coded data and enhances the information with rich meta-data.  Skills are captured and coded in context, placing them into Skill Clusters that allow you to group resumes by related competencies.  Grouping skills and job titles allows for quick searching of talent without the need to know every possible keyword.

LENS Search & Match TM

The world’s most streamlined and intelligent resume parsing solution

LENS Search & Match identifies the most qualified candidates using advanced proprietary system processes built on a progressive understanding of labor market tools

LENS Search & Match enables recruiters, job board users, and talent acquisition personnel to quickly find the best match between relevant job postings and resumes using our proprietary and unrivaled search system. The industry leading software allows users to:

  • decrease time to fill due to the speed and skill-based accuracy of the matching protocols
  • Increase the potential talent pool while boosting placement rates
  • improve candidate experience and engagement
  • Save costs while delivering a more streamlined recruiting process
  • find applicants faster, more cheaply, and more reliably than the competition

Features and Benefits

Relevant Results
Relevance scoring technology focuses time and attention on the most suitable candidates for a job through detailed, intuitive analysis of each candidate’s skills, experience, and career trajectory.

Time and Money Saved
Unlock the value as the product automates the analysis of resumes and job postings, speeding up search time as it standardizes resume information and matches it to the most critical skills of the job.

Better Leverage Collected Data
Enable higher recruiting rates by optimizing data to locate passive or archived candidates, cross-matching job seekers from different positions, and uncovering non-obvious applicants for hybrid job postings.

Consistency for a Regulated World
Automated review offers an objective, reliable way to screen resumes, thereby eliminating errors and facilitating regulatory compliance.

Prediction vs. Simple Match
Unlike less sophisticated programs, LENS Search & Match patented technology improves matches of candidates to jobs through predictive matching capability, resulting in better-informed selections.

Instantaneous Access
Through automatic resume and job processing, LENS Search & Match eliminates delays and enables recruiters to place candidates more quickly.

LENS Search & Match can sort through millions of resumes to identify the most qualified candidates based on their skills, qualifications, experience, and career paths. The solution provides proprietary technologies that take advantage of deep job market domain expertise and delivery of highly-flexible search patterns, making the search for talent easier, faster, and more profitable.

We have a 21st century economy. Why do we have a 20th century labor market?

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