Labor Insight™

Sophisticated, real-time labor market information to guide decision making
Labor Insight: Real-Time Job Market Data

Labor Insight

Labor Insight is used by hundreds of education, training, and workforce development organizations to support initiatives that align with today’s job market.

Using in-depth, localized labor market data allows Educators to increase enrollment and foster student success and enables Workforce agencies to increase visibility into local job market needs and deepen employer and candidate engagement.

What you can do

  • examine the job market at the macro and micro level
  • quickly identify and clarify local employer needs
  • see how training programs translate to jobs
  • track demand for skills and industry credentials specific to the area
  • guide curriculum decisions for innovative and specialized training and degree programs
  • identify new and emerging roles not yet tracked by public data sources
  • identify local opportunities for partnership and investment


Features and Benefits

  • Customize reports to zoom in where it matters
  • Uncover exclusive views of the Labor Market
  • Track demand for specific skills and credentials
  • Use real-time data to understand employer needs
  • identify new and emerging roles early

Real-Time Insight Into the Job Market

Our analytical product allows users to understand and adapt to the labor market in real time. Every day, Burning Glass collects millions of online job postings from more than 40,000 sources and applies our patented technology to mine and code detailed data from each posting describing the specific skills, education, experience, and work activities required for the job – going well beyond the occupation and industry codes offered in other sources. Use our real-time labor report to guide your business practices.

Comprehensive Labor Analysis Dashboard

The easy-to-use Labor Insight dashboard allows detailed analysis of hiring activity by industry, occupation, education, and skills. Labor Insight is used by:

  • Educators, to understand the needs of employers and align programs with the job market
  • Researchers, to gain real-time insight into labor trends
  • Workforce and economic development agencies, to find out more about the skills in demand, how that matches up with the local workforce, and where to allocate job training resources

“Tools like Burning Glass help us tell the story. Everybody, at the highest level, comes to us for that data. It’s so baked into our system now that we don’t even question it. We will always have demand now that we can show what it can do.”

Alan Spell

MERIC Research Manager, Missouri Department of Economic Development

“As an economist of innovation, I believe that Burning Glass Technologies provides unique labor market data to create understanding in today’s fast changing technological and economic conditions. Data is the fuel for economic success at all levels. It allows students, regions, employers and educators to take charge of their learning and make better decisions for adapting to the world that is here and emerging.   I’m a big fan.”

Phil McCready, PhD

Assessment Analyst II, University of the Rockies

“With real-time, labor-time market data, we can conduct a scan of any occupation. We know who is hiring and what competencies and technical skills they need. We are making sure our program choices and curriculum remain current so that our students are trained and ready for jobs employers need to fill.”

Linda L. Head

Associate Vice Chancellor, Lone Star College

Real-Time Labor Guide Power Users

Here are some organizations using real-time labor to guide their growth practices:

Colleges Drill Down on Job Listing Terms

This Wall Street Journal story profiles colleges that are using real-time labor data in their decision making.

Job Trends, Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation

MassBioEd is a nonprofit devoted to growing education capacity in the life sciences. Among other projects, the organization produces regular reports on the job market for biotechnology using Labor Insight.

How Community Colleges Use Job-Market Data to Develop New Programs

The Chronicle of Higher Education examines how community colleges, particularly the Kentucky Community and Technical College system, are using job posting data to deal with a changing marketplace.

Real-Time LMI/Online Job Ad Analysis: New Hampshire Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau

A state agency, the bureau produces regular reports using Burning Glass data about the New Hampshire labor market.

We have a 21st century economy. Why do we have a 20th century labor market?

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