Human Capital Management

Aligning Talent with Business Objectives

Find the ROI to Talent Shaping

Burning Glass Technologies helps Senior Human Resources executives and Chief Talent Officers support company strategy by providing unmatched real-time analytics of the job market, talent needs, emerging skills, and workforce impact.  We help you:

  • Ensure current and future talent can be shaped to align with the required workforce skill mix to support key business direction
  • Understand workforce impact during buy, borrow, or build decisions
  • Predict future trends in disruptive and emerging factors that directly impact strategy
  • Propose differentiated talent models that can impact profitability
  • Analyze potential talent and skills gaps between today’s team and tomorrow’s requirements
  • Implement global learning and talent development plans that will positively impact employee engagement and retention
  • Develop institutional strategies such as gender and cultural diversity
  • Optimize global workforce outcomes

We provide real-time detailed analytics of labor market information so you can employ an evidence-based approach to building organizational strategy.


Work with us

Working with us enables you to use real-time labor market data and predictive analytics to augment your internal Human Capital files. With this combined information, you can realize the following benefits.

  • Strategic Analysis. Uncover organizational capabilities and map the gap between
    where you are vs. where the organization needs to be, enabling you to make
    strategic decisions that will more accurately provide the needed workforce of
    tomorrow while maintaining organizational adaptability.
  • Talent Shaping. Identify ways to build jobs and search for talent at scale, which
    will help you meet organizational business needs, decrease talent acquisition
    costs, and improve productivity from new or recently trained employees.
  • Career Pathways. Retain talent by matching learning and development with
    current and future skill demands of the company, which will engage employees
    and allow them to look for career growth within the organization.

How it works

Burning Glass Technologies has created unmatched technology that collects, mines and codes millions of job postings from close to 40,000 online sources daily and creates a structured, standardized database language (i.e., taxonomy) to support quick access analytics from our data warehouse.

Our proprietary taxonomy and unrivaled system processes standardize and curate detailed skills, experience, and credential data that is continually changing and varies by local region.

We use our expertise in labor market information to add curated indices into the database, which help drive decision support workflow that connects the data with strategic decisions.

Our analytics warehouse is real-time market intelligence that helps us uncover and assess employer needs, candidate gaps, industry trends, and labor market issues that supports our go-to-market products and services.

More Sectors

Job Market Data

Gathering data is one thing, making sense of it is another. Our Applied Research team provides custom, in-depth labor market analysis.

Higher Education

Preparing students for the real world includes readying them for the job market. Our products help educators track demand, align programs with what employers need, and give students a roadmap to a satisfying career.


Our technology powers labor exchanges in 14 states, helping workers and employers connect and making the job market more efficient.

We have a 21st Century economy. Why do we have a 20th Century labor market?

Burning Glass uses big data to close the skills gap by helping supply and demand meet. Contact us today.

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