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Preparing students for the real world includes readying them for the job market. Our products help educators track demand, align programs with what employers need, and give students a roadmap to a satisfying career.

Paths for Success

Parents and students make decisions about higher education based on what they want to happen after graduation, as well as before. Burning Glass products and applied research allow educators to understand the skills the labor market demands in real time, guiding decisions about programs. We also provide products that help students navigate the workforce for the first time, matching their skills and interests with pathways that lead to a rewarding career.

New Product: Program Insight™

Developing the right academic programs is more important than ever.  Program Insight™ is the first one-stop software solution to combine a tested program development process with all the necessary data to ensure success.

Previously, program validation—the process of assessing proposed programs—has required dedicated research teams or consultants. Program Insight combines Burning Glass’ database of real-time job postings with data from multiple other sources, like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and IPEDS. The easy-to-use software walks educators through a step-by-step process to assess market needs, scope out the competition, understand the latest skills in demand, and gauge students’ job prospects. Program Insight gives every learning provider the tools to assess a program’s potential for success—and convince trustees, accreditors, and potential students that the institution can deliver.

Labor Insight ™

When educators across the world want in-depth analysis of their local labor market, they turn to Labor Insight, the leading tool for real-time labor market information. Using innovative artificial intelligence technology, Burning Glass has developed a patented approach to mining data from job postings, digging below job titles and keywords to capture detailed information on the job market based on specific skills, credentials, and locations.

Covering more than 40,000 sources daily, Labor Insight is used to guide decision making at colleges and technical schools across the country. Administrators and institutional research teams turn to Labor Insight to keep watch on the job market, identify opportunities for expansion, inform strategic planning, and understand what employers need.

FOCUS™ suite

Every student eventually faces the same questions about a career: What jobs are available? What courses do I need to take in order to land my dream job? Is there a future in the occupation that interests me?

Drawing from Burning Glass’s unparalleled real-time job market information, the Focus suite enables students to find the most effective educational path for career advancement, identify the jobs that will make the best use of their skills, and apply to them. We’ve analyzed millions of real-life career transitions and use that learning to provide career roadmaps that can help students make choices about their future.

“Instead of sending our graduates out into the workforce and hoping for the best, we can now enhance placement services by providing students with detailed job listings in a highly targeted manner.”

Christopher Steele

Interim Vice President for Professional Studies, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

See How Educators Use Burning Glass Data

Case Studies

Colleges Drill Down on Job Listing Terms

This Wall Street Journal story profiles colleges that are using real-time labor data in their decision making.

How Community Colleges Use Job-Market Data to Develop New Programs

The Chronicle of Higher Education examines how community colleges, particularly the Kentucky Community and Technical College system, are using job posting data to deal with a changing marketplace.

Case Studies

Northeastern University: Rapid Growth Guided by Real-Time Jobs Data

Lone Star College: Keeping Pace With a Changing Local Job Market

University of Maryland, Baltimore County: Identifying Where the Jobs Are

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Job Market Data

Gathering data is one thing, making sense of it is another. Our Applied Research team provides custom, in-depth labor market analysis.


Finding the right match in the resume pile can be tough. Our products help employers and recruiters find the right candidates for jobs, and to better develop the talent they already have.


Our technology powers labor exchanges in 14 states, helping workers and employers connect and making the job market more efficient.

We have a 21st Century economy. Why do we have a 20th Century labor market?

Burning Glass uses big data to close the skills gap by helping supply and demand meet. Contact us today.

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