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Getting Specific on Skills: New Occupational Profiles Designed to Help Close Skills Gaps

The skills gap is usually talked about in broad terms. But employers need to find specific skills needed in particular jobs, even when there’s no accepted standard for how that job should be described. The National Network took a step to solving that problem today with its new set of occupational profiles, developed with Burning Glass.

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How to Get a Cybersecurity Job in Three Charts: a Degree, a Certification, and a Clearance

People often ask about what qualifications they need to break into a fast-growing field like cybersecurity. The knowledge needed is highly technical, and of course there are no guarantees. But if you look at the job postings, there are three kinds of qualifications that significantly improve a jobseeker’s chances.

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Why the STEM Gap is Bigger Than You Think

It’s when we consider specific skills, not just jobs, that the true scale of the challenge becomes apparent. A whole range of STEM skills—from statistics to software development—have become essential for jobs that never would have been considered STEM positions. Yet, at least as our education system is currently structured, students often only acquire these skills within a STEM track.

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