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AP: In US, factory jobs are high-tech, but the workers are not

Many of these are not the same jobs that for decades sustained the working class. More and more factory jobs now demand education, technical know-how or specialized skills.,, Last year, software developer was the second-most-common job advertised by manufacturing companies, behind only sales, according to data provided by Burning Glass Technologies, a company that analyzes labor market data. Read more >> 

GovTech Works: New Framework Defines Cyber Security Workforce Needs

Both the federal government and its contractors are locked in a battle, vying for the best personnel in cybersecurity and shortage of available talent… According to, a joint project with Burning Glass Technologies, NICE, and CompTIA, there are more than 299,000 cybersecurity job vacancies in the United States today. Read more >> 


Deccan Chronicle: Health care in trouble as cyber security threat grows

Meadows, in charge of managing IT and cybersecurity for over 7000 employees at more than 50 locations in Texas, says that there is a lot of improvement needed after evaluating hospital cybersecurity across the US… According to Burning Glass Technologies, the average pays for health care cybersecurity positions is 25 per cent lower than in finance. Read more >> 

Lehigh Valley Live: You can now major in social media at this Pa. college

“Social media is intricately woven into our economic, civic and social lives, and those who don’t become adept at producing and analyzing it are increasingly at risk,”…When a psych major picks up a data analysis and statistics skill set the starting salary can jump to $68,788, Kutztown University said, citing Burning Glass Technologies. Read more >>