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New American Economy: Not Lost in Translation: The Growing Importance of Foreign Language Skills in the U.S. Job Market

There is a growing demand for bilingual talent in major industries in the United States. The research looks at online job posting data acquired by Burning Glass Technologies, a leading labor market analytics firm that searches 40,000 job boards daily. The report shows that employers increasingly desire workers who speak multiple languages, particularly in industries that provide services involving a high degree of human interaction. Read more >> 


CIO: Salesforce skills in high demand in 2017

Want to land a better job in 2017? If you do one thing in pursuit of that goal this year, you should add Salesforce skills to your resume… A recent report from Burning Glass analyzed the research firm’s proprietary database of more than 100 million job postings collected across over 40,000 sites and found more than 300,000 job postings between July 2015 and June 2016 that called for Salesforce skills. Read more >> 

Castanet: Writing the code to success

As the demand for technology skills increases, many young people may find themselves wishing they’d started their preparation years in advance by learning skills such as coding… According to analysis done by the American startup Burning Glass Technologies and recently published in The Economist, 49 percent of online job postings in the highest-paying quartile in the United States are jobs for which coding skills are frequently required. Read more >>

The New York Times: Top 20 Fields for Internships

This is high season for securing a summer internship, an essential talent pipeline for employers and steppingstone for students. Postings peak in March, with 30,443 advertised positions in March 2016 (if you don’t have anything by May, you’re probably out of luck). But before sending that résumé, take a good hard look at what’s on it…Burning Glass’s latest report, to be released on Sunday, includes the top fields for internships according to the number of online postings. Read more>>


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Spend Matters: Trending in Talent: The Top 3 Factors for 2017

Attracting top performers continues to be a key area of focus for most procurement leaders today… As more and more professions are requiring that workers gain new skills while past ones are rendered obsolete, workers are being asked to perform what are called “hybrid jobs”. For instance, coding skills are no longer just in the realm of technology jobs. According to Burning Glass Technologies, 49% of postings with the highest pay are for jobs that frequently ask for coding skills. Read more >>

Metro: The case for a liberal-arts degree

With the consistent invocation that STEM careers hold the key to our nation’s future, the liberal arts degree has become branded as a useless and overpriced luxury. And while the idea might be gaining momentum among the political elite, it’s entirely unfounded… A 2015 study by Burning Glass Technologies analyzed 25 million online job postings and found the highest demand by employers across all fields was for skills like writing, research, analysis critical thinking and creativity — essentially, the core tenets of liberal arts. Read more >>

Forbes: Will Alternative Credentials Replace College Degrees?

The question of whether alternative credentials—in the form of everything from badges to nanodegrees and from micromasters to certificates—will displace degrees from colleges and universities is heating up…At the LearnLaunch Institute’s 2017 Across Boundaries conference, I am moderating a panel with Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass; Liz Simon, vice president of legal and external affairs at General Assembly; and Stephanie Krauss, campaign director at Connecting Credentials to unpack the question further. Read more >>

BrightMove: A Changing Job Market Goes Hybrid

New hybrid jobs are combining tech skills such as programming with design, data analysis, marketing, or communications.  The result is a powerful skill set with a broad application. A study from Burning Glass focused on labor developments around hybrid jobs.  In a market analysis for Bentley University, the research illustrates the expansion of hybrid job descriptions to incorporate previously stand-alone job titles. Read more >> 

Getting Specific on Skills: New Occupational Profiles Designed to Help Close Skills Gaps

The skills gap is usually talked about in broad terms. But employers need to find specific skills needed in particular jobs, even when there’s no accepted standard for how that job should be described. The National Network took a step to solving that problem today with its new set of occupational profiles, developed with Burning Glass.

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