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Deccan Chronicle: Health care in trouble as cyber security threat grows

Meadows, in charge of managing IT and cybersecurity for over 7000 employees at more than 50 locations in Texas, says that there is a lot of improvement needed after evaluating hospital cybersecurity across the US…  According to Burning Glass Technologies, the average pays for health care cybersecurity positions is 25 per cent lower than in finance. Read more >> 

Lehigh Valley Live: You can now major in social media at this Pa. college

“Social media is intricately woven into our economic, civic and social lives, and those who don’t become adept at producing and analyzing it are increasingly at risk,”…When a psych major picks up a data analysis and statistics skill set the starting salary can jump to $68,788, Kutztown University said, citing Burning Glass Technologies. Read more >> The top data skills you need to get hired

Data skills are so in-demand, they’re becoming increasingly useful in a number of fields—not just technology and finance… This is an obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning, given that proficiency in Excel is one of the key skills to landing a good-paying job, according to a recent labor-market analysis by Burning Glass Technologies.  Read more >>