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Inside Higher Ed: Data Science Disconnect

A shortage of job candidates with fluency in data science and analytics is among the nation’s most yawning of skills gaps, one requiring substantial changes by higher education institutions and employers alike…An estimated 2.72 million new job postings in 2020 will seek workers with skills in data science and analytics, according to an analysis from Burning Glass Technologies. Read more >> 

Black Enterprise Magazine: Capital One Hosts Discussion on How to Really Diversify Tech

Capital One took over Austin’s famous blues nightclub Antone’s, and turned it into the Capital One House at SXSW. One session, “Preparing Our Communities for the Future,” gathered business and social impact leaders to discuss diversity in tech. Everyone knows this stubbornly remains an issue, but these leaders were gathered to offer concrete solutions. The session’s panelists included Dan Restuccia, chief analytics officer, Burning Glass Technologies. Read more >> 

Fast Company: This College Alternative Only Makes Money If You Make A Salary

As of 2012, there were 34 million Americans with college debt and no degree. Colleges have no incentive to focus on jobs. MissionU, a cross between boot camp-style learning and traditional higher ed, has been designed to correct that dynamic… In the Burning Glass account, contrary to MissionU, getting a B.A. is more important than ever before. Read more >>

Hechinger Report: Students can’t repay loans without jobs — here’s how to navigate the ‘last mile’ from diploma to employment

A number of graduates lack basic information for choosing a major and thus have trouble traveling that “last mile” between graduation and employment… Yet Burning Glass research shows that by adding just a few specific skill sets, such as marketing, sales, social media, or coding, liberal arts graduates can nearly double the entry level jobs available to them. Read more >> 

TechZone360: Four Factors Influencing the Huge Gap in Tech Jobs

According to a recent study by U.S. job site Glassdoor, there are 263,586 unfilled technology jobs in the U.S. In 2015, the White House cited an even higher number, 545,000, based on information from Burning Glass Technologies…Those lost jobs aren’t just hurting employees and employers. They affect the overall economy. Read more >> 

ComputerWorld: Lifelong learning is no longer optional

Today, a college degree only helps new graduates enter the workforce; it is no longer sufficient for long-term career success. Soon, individuals will need to embrace lifelong learning to remain relevant in virtually every field… New disciplines emerge frequently, often with explosive demand. According to Burning Glass Technologies, demand for data analysts has grown by 372% over the past five years, while data-visualization demand has increased by 2,574%. Read more >>